Hurricane Sandy Damage Cleanup

Hurricane Sandy appears to have easily caused more losses than last year’s Hurricane Irene, but final totals will be hard to come by for some time because of the scale of the disaster, catastrophe forecasting companies said on Tuesday.

Sandy left millions without power caused widespread flooding that may shut New York City’s subways for days, and killed potentially dozens of people up and down the U.S. east coast.

After Hurricane Sandy, lots of people are desperate in finding someone to help them with repairs to their home or business. It is always good to research about the available sources.

People can do these simple steps to verify if a certain business is trustworthy:

1. Go to and search for ISC Services (

2. Search the business name, and include the word “review”. People can also do a review search using the website of the business.

3. Check with the BBB for the accreditation of the business. ISC Services information is below:

BBB Accredited Business since 4/17/1998

Insurance Services Construction, Inc.  A+ Rating

Phone:  (888) 244-7337

(248) 786-0127 Fax: (248) 786-0426

1271 West Maple Road, Clawson, MI 48017

In a matter of moments your home or business can be flooded with water. Who knew water damage could cause so much damage so fast? We can help!

When disaster strikes our goal is to restore your home or business while providing peace of mind as quickly as possible. Our team of trained, caring and professional water damage technicians is here for you and all your business needs.

ISC Services ( can be on site quickly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With rapid response, floors, walls, and personal property can often be restored. When you call (888-244-7337) our staff will give you the personal attention you deserve.


About iscservices

ISC was established to be a superior service company in an industry where mediocrity reigned. We have built state-of-the-art facilities and manned them with a highly qualified team. Our goal from the beginning is to provide a systematic response to catastrophes, benefiting the homeowner, business owner, or property owner. We continually train, coach, and motivate our people to be the best at what they do. Our focus on that goal has earned us a stellar national reputation for integrity, honesty, and superior performance. That recognition has come in the form of national awards, national industry recognition, and most importantly satisfaction from our clients
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